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Vendor FAQ

What is the schedule? - The event runs from 11:00AM - 1:30PM and 3:00PM - 5:30PM in two 2.5 hour sessions. Judging begins at 5. A full schedule is TBD. 


How much soup  should I make? - I can say that from the past 5 years, the average amount of soup a restaurant sells is around 50 gallons. 


How many soups should I prepare? - We ask that every restaurant prepare a minimum of 2 options so that we have a full menu. You may offer as many as you’d like but keep in mind that additional soups require additional work. 


How much should I charge? - We ask that every restaurant has as least one option for 2 tickets ($2) or lower. This makes the event affordable for all. Of course, your food cost is your own and your pricing should account for this. 


How do I heat the soups? - Ideally, you should bring your soup hot, but that's not always possible. We have access to the world-class Riverworks kitchen throughout the day. Please understand that this access is on a first-come/first served basis and generously provided by the chef. Be nice. :)


When can I set up? - Riverworks is open for load-in at 7AM on event day. Some vendors may set up the day before but this is VERY limited. Please let me know if you ABSOLUTELY MUST set up the day before. 


Parking? - There will be reserved spots for vendors to park. After load-in (details to follow), spots are on a first come basis. 


How big are the bowls? - We provide 6oz foam bowls. The average size portion should be around 4oz to prevent spillage. 


Do I need my own bowls etc? - We will provide you with all the bowls, spoons, and napkins you will need. If you want to bring your own (monogramed napkins, logo bowls, etc.) that is okay. 


Can I sell soup to go? - Yes. Please charge for this with tickets for reimbursement at the end. Cash transactions cause issues. 


How do I get paid? - At the end of the evening, restaurants will line up outside the office door to have their tickets counted (weighed). You will receive a check for 90% of your sales that evening. 


Where does the 10% go? - As with most food events, we collect a small percentage to cover additional operating expenses. In this case, we collect this percentage to help make charitable donations. 


Do you need to know my menu? - YES! Please submit your menu to me NO LATER than January

10th! Emails, text messages or phone calls are fine. I just need to know so I can print! 


There’s awards, right? - Yes. See the awards page. Remember, they are voted on by the general public with the exception of the "Foodies Choice" and Beer/Bourbon based soups. 



We suggest all booths use non-electric means of heating. If you require electric, please let us know and we can make arrangements. 


Vendors are assigned to booths based on time of signup. Your booth assignment will be confirmed by January 10th.  


If you have any questions, please email or call me at any time. Expect more messages as we get closer. Looking forward to a very successful event!

Matt “The Soup Guy”

(716) 983-5062

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