Hello Soup-Lovers!

     Thank you for 10 years. A decade of service to #WNY through soup!

Over that time, we have spent a countless number of sleepless nights setting up tables, cooking, delivering tickets, hanging posters, loading trucks, building stages, testing sound, writing menus and updating websites. (Not to mention the clean-up.)


     During that same time, our restaurant partners have spent even more time prepping, cooking, planning, training staff, and serving little cups of soup for the chance at a 10 inch plaque and bragging rights. That’s all. They participate almost solely out of love of serving you, the WNY community.


     While serving a quarter of a million cups of soup over the last decade, we have come to develop close relationships with our vendor restaurants, sponsors and attendees. We want to see all of them—and you—stay healthy and successful in this challenging time.


     As you probably realized by now, things are going to be a little different for everyone this winter. With the regulations and safeguards put in place to protect our friends and family around Western New York, we are unable to deliver the Soup-Fest experience you’ve loved for the last 10 years.


                             So, we are going to try a little something different.


 January of 2021 will be Buffalo Soup-Month!


     EVERY RESTAURANT IN WNY will be eligible and the top 15 vote-getters will receive a Buffalo Soup-Fest 21 award plaque!

To Vote For Your Favorite Soup:

  1. Order soup from your favorite local restaurant. 

  2. Take a photo of said soup and share it in a social media post. 

  3. Make sure you share the restaurant name in the post.

  4. Make sure you share the name of the soup in the post.

  5. Use the hashtag #BuffSoupMonth in the post. 

  6. Tag us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

  7. Encourage your friends to do the same!

Winners will be announced via social media on "Soup Sunday" January 31st, 2021!


   With love,


The Soup Fest Team

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